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A specialist in mobility solutions adapted to professional uses, Gruau has established itself as a key player in security vehicles, having converted over 35,000 police, gendarmerie, local police, customs and civil security vehicles in France.

From screen-printed vehicles to unmarked cars and specific vehicles, Gruau works closely with the technical teams of security services to develop solutions that meet the technical and security criteria expected by law enforcement agencies.


National gendarmerie

Multiple fittings  in response to the diversity of operations

For the Gendarmerie, which operates in both rural and peri-urban areas, Gruau adapts the fittings to provide a consumer convenience suited to the diversity of operations.

With a common base, the modularity of the fittings (sound and light signalling, anti-intrusion and ballistic protection, dog crates, integration of connectivity solutions, etc.) makes it possible to meet the specificities of various duties: patrol, response team, search and rescue, dog squad etc.    


National police

Solutions designed to keep police force missions totally secure

From screen-printed vehicles to unmarked cars and specific vehicles, Gruau works closely with the technical teams of the Ministry of the Interior to develop fittings that meet the technical and security criteria of national police forces in terms of personnel protection, visibility, communication and equipment transport. 


Local police

Conversion on all  PV & LCV models 

The vehicles used by the local police differ from one municipality to another. The choice of vehicle also depends on the environmental requirements (mountain, all-terrain, city cars, motorcycles, etc.).

Gruau converts multiple models and offers a wide range of approved equipment for vehicle configuration according to specific service needs: light vehicle or response van, inspection van, dog handler, patrol, signage, thereby ensuring that local police officers can carry out their duties in complete safety and in compliance with legislation.


Prisoner transfer

The largest range of prisoner transfer vehicles

A leader in prison vehicles in France, Gruau offers a complete range of vehicles, from minivans to utility vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and buses, all widely customisable depending on the number of inmates and prison officers, either with or without cells.
Gruau is recognised for its ability to configure the fittings according to different needs :
- customisation depending on the number of inmates (from 1 to 50) and guards ,
- safety of officers and inmates thanks to the robustness of conversions,
- on-board comfort thanks to the lighting and equipment.



Specific fittings for customs

In addition to screen-printed or unmarked vehicles, the 'Customs vehicle' package includes vehicles with specific fittings, such as mobile offices or workshop vehicles. 



A package that includes healthcare vehicles

For both OPEX and logistics vehicles, Gruau carries out various conversions for the Defence Ministries and Military Health Services, particularly the supply of ambulances. 


Specialist response vehicles

A range of ultra-technical fittings

Gruau's collaborations with Civil Security and the SDIS (fire department) have led to ultra-technical fittings that meet the demands of diversity in field operations: VSAV (French emergency medical services), firefighting vehicle, road emergency vehicle, officer-on-duty vehicle, command post, divers’ vehicle, technological risk response vehicle, stations for NRBC, GRIMP (reconnaissance and intervention groups in perilous environments), etc. 



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