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Professionals should be able to rely on a refrigerated vehicle to transport their perishable goods in compliance with the best health and safety standards, while respecting the cold chain.

To meet these needs, Gruau has developed a wide range of refrigerated vehicles that are compliant with the most demanding regulations: the ATP regulations, a guarantee of quality, signed by nearly 50 countries.

This range is anchored around two solutions:
● The "ISO-VAN" offers a useful payload through a one-piece unit attached to the chassis cab or platform cab.
● The "ISO-CITY" has an integrated cell that comfortably fits into the body and facilitates maintenance. This enhanced insulation is also available as a kit.
Both options offer optimum insulation for installing a less powerful refrigeration system, thereby reducing energy consumption.
These options that come with a3 year/36,000 mile warranty with a 2 structural guarantee, provide the most sustainable solution for our customers.


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