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Healthcare clients need specific mobility solutions that meet their business needs whether they revolve around transport, emergencies or intensive care. To manage patients with optimal standards of hygiene and safety, Gruau has developed a wide range of ambulances (Types A, B and C) in accordance with the EN 1789 standard. Gruau products have a fully customizable interior layout made of polyester, available in a multitude of frames, and in which all the medical equipment used on a daily basis is integrated.

With 50 years of experience with ambulance and rescue teams worldwide, Gruau is always developing new products, new features and innovative new services like our Easy-Stretcher or WIZY system.

Gruau has designed a mobile clinic dedicated to local care and personal consultations, blood transfusions, and medical assistance.

Gruau's Research and Development department is able to customize designs for vehicle-specific missions or emergency services. Whether it is a pediatric or a bariatric ambulance, a mobile clinic or fast response vehicle, Gruau offers multiple solutions for each unique customer need.




WIZY is an innovative integrated system developed by Gruau and available for Android. The ambulance is equipped with two touch screens (one in the cab, the other in the care unit). The driver or accompanying individual can thus control all the vehicle parameters (air-conditioning, lighting, flashing lights, siren, etc.), use an intuitive and integrated navigation system, transmit medical data and manage stocks. A control system has also been developed.


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