These are the values that brought Gruau its success in the past and we want to further be a leader tomorrow. They apply to all employees at each company and the group. They are the anchor of the Gruau Culture that combines rigor and human touch.


L'homme et l'esprit d'équipe Human and team spirit

These are the two main assets of Gruau : every indivudual contributes to the success of the team and is known for its added value. The employees share the project, help each other and develop cohesion to achieve the success of Gruau Group.

Le sens du client Customer focus

It is the ability of each one to listen to the customers and identify their needs, provide the best solution "products and services", within the frame of a long lasting relationship based on mutual respect of the commitments.

L'engagement dans la durée Long-term commitment

It is our ability to invest ourselves in duration, maintain loyal relationships with everybody and to promote medium and long terms projects in all our decisions.

L'ouverture Open-minded

It is our desire to focus on the others, discover all the different cultures and people and expand our ability to explore and learn new ideas without prejudices.

L'exemplarité Exemplary

It is our desire to respect the common rules, to keep our commitments and adopt a behaviour that everyone expects from others.

Le respect Respect

It is the fact that everyone agrees to take into account the other, respects the working environment and "experiences well" the company, based on duties and rights.

L'attitude positive Positive attitude

It is the ability of everyone to be constructive and to highlight "the bright side". It is a source of motivation and optimism, and facilitates the search for solutions and fosters good relationships.



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